Rossi Enterprises Inc offers part-time, contract COO services to companies, making us an excellent option for companies that don’t yet need a full time COO but have growth or financial challenges that require a higher level of expertise and experience. We help companies resolve challenges, elevate financial strategy, & maximize profitability.

With Rossi Enterprises Inc., we’ll work with you to:

Fractional COO Services with an Owner Mentality

  • Strong background in identifying business opportunities with emphasis on business revitalization, focused marketing, and business resale potential. Experience in business start-ups, image development and efficient operations.
  • Expertise includes business conceptualization, finance, business and project analysis, marketing, solution selling, proposal development, value creation, business case development, oration, and recruiting, hiring, training and mentoring business managers.
  • Proven expertise in redirecting struggling operations into efficient, profitable business units, in any aspect of sales, marketing, accounts or operations. Strong management skills to assess projects, oversee employees, monitor quality, review processes and meet budget goals.
  • Success negotiating and closing major contracts and conducting high-level sales and technical training presentations. Presentation development illustrating incontestable value and successful outcomes.
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